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The Benefits of POS Integration for a Restaurant

Every restaurant wants to have the success that they have seen Papa John’s achieve. The way that Papa John’s has been able to be so successful is by keeping up with the new trends in the restaurant industry and learning the best ways to increase their sales. One of the things that they have adopted is POS integration for their online ordering system. QSR stated in their article “Point and Click” that Papa John’s has received over 1 billion online orders since 2001 and the increase in sales has been 50 percent every year since. It’s no wonder why they have taken advantage of such a useful tool as POS integration to help with their increased sales. With the aid of integration, they have been able to keep up with their customers and offer excellent service time and time again.

Some restaurants may not even know they have the ability to use POS integration. The first thing that is important is to obviously have a POS system. Without one there is no need for integration. Once a restaurant has chosen and setup their POS system then can then have someone integrate it for them. This can be their online ordering provider or another company that deals specifically with POS integration. What restaurants should be aware of is that there are hundreds of different POS systems out there and having to ingrate each one is time consuming. It can take anywhere from a few months to almost a year to fully integrate a POS system. However, once it is completed it will be invaluable to a restaurant.

The procedure for using a system that is integrated is similar to one that is not except for one important step. Once a customer has visited a restaurant’s site and ordered, the order will be sent to the restaurant to be made. Now without integration, the order will be sent by email, fax, or even some other software which is designed for receiving orders. Next the restaurant will have to print out the order, have an employee take that order and manually put it into the POS system, and finally send it to the kitchen to be made. While this gives the restaurant a back up copy of the order, it allows for employee error and can slow down the ordering process. With POS integration, when a customer places an order online, the order is sent directly to the POS system and automatically put into the system. Then it will be printed out in the kitchen which will then begin making the order. This removes the “middle man” and is faster and more efficient for the restaurant. There is no room for error and it is almost instantaneously printed once the customer places the order online.

While this may be something that is not new, restaurants are still a little iffy when it comes to online ordering and POS integration. However, it can be seen that it has the potential to do great things for restaurants if they take the time to learn the steps involved and give it a chance to get going in their business. Who knows, maybe some restaurants will follow Papa John’s example and rise to the top of the restaurant industry.

Simple and Delicious Maharashtrian Thali at Durwankur – Pune Restaurants

What you see – Located on the busy Tilak road the pink building in the corner is difficult to miss. The huge kitchen of this Pune restaurant is on the first level with high hygiene standards while the second level is the massive dining area which can easily accommodate about 200 people. The place is simple with no frills and fancies. There are several tables laid out here with plastic chairs and a red table cloth matching with the velvet curtains. The daily menu board is right at the entrance giving an idea what is to be served today.

What you get – There are varieties of Maharashtrian thalis and the one served here is the Brahmin variety which is not a spicy preparation. They have about 15 dishes in the thali which is unlimited at a mere cost of Rs. 80 per person. Therefore make sure you come here with an empty stomach to gorge on these delicacies. The daily menu is pre-decided by the owners as they have no a la carte.

The thali is served in a shining stainless steel plate with small bowls called the vatis. Our table already had varieties of chutneys and the kakdi koshimbir (cucumber salad with curd) which is a great way to beat the heat. Starters include pakodas (fried Bengal gram preparations), potato and coriander wade which are crispy and addictive if relished with green chutney. Then varieties of breads are served like the chapattis, bhakri and thalipeeth which are fresh and piping hot.

In vegetables we were served gourd or dudhi, which was tasty but a bit oily. They had varieties of curries like the usal (pulses), kanda batata rasa, the tangy and sweet dal called amti and the soothing sweet kadhi. There are many waiters who do the rounds here and in case they see any thali empty they fill it. This gives this place a homely experience. Other than the usual which was very spicy we loved all the dishes.

Then comes our favorite waran bath, a dal and rice combination served with ghee which is truly delectable. They also have the yummy moong dal khichdi which is best had with ghee and kadhi (a preparation of buttermilk and Bengal gram). We were told that a lot of thought goes in preparing the daily menu to make it wholesome and nutritious. Buttermilk, a great heat buster is served to finish the meals with.

The sweet dish here is a must. This will, however, cost extra. Well we ordered for the dessert of the season, aamras for Rs. 20.  It was cooling and so tasty that we decided to go for a repeat. Gulab jamuns and sitaphal rabdis are served here as well.

Our verdict – This place is a definite value for money. The food standards have been maintained over the years in terms of hygiene, quality and price. The wash area is crowded and is slightly a put off. But that’s also because a lot of people frequent this restaurant. So sometimes there is a long waiting even on weekdays. We liked the restaurant for its homely service. Parking space is available in the building.