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Penny Stock Investments – Bringing Fun and Adventure Back to Investing

If you are looking for the best stock investments for the upcoming year that will not only get you the kind of return that you want but the safety of the investment that you need the by far most experts will agree that the best stock-investments might be penny stocks. Of course this is pure speculation, as almost everything else in the investment world is. But for the most part the vast majority of experts will tell you that penny stock-investments are the safest and most economically sound stock-investments around. So what is it about penny stock-investments that make them such a great choice? The simple fact is that they not only offer you options that are not available to every day traders but they also have an earning potential that is almost limitless. This coupled with the fact that they are very stable and the total financial risk in very light compared to other options and you have stock investments which are almost perfect for serious investors.

The main advantage that you will have over other investor is the fact that the vast majority of common investors in the United States today only have one type of investment product in their portfolios. These are what are termed equity mutual funds and are usually offered by investment companies. The problem with this strategy is that most of the mutual funds offer you very limited choices as far as inclusion of products. For the most part these stock investments include some common domestic funds and a few specialty funds as well as few high performing international funds. You can see how significantly limits your options regard the stock investments that you have available to you. One the other hand the chance of finding stock investments that will perform well and have limited risk on your own by working the various exchanges is almost zero.

The simple fact is that penny stocks are a great and safe option as far as stock investments goes by the fact that you have an excellent choice of them turning to a profit (the whole nowhere to go but up concept) and even if they don’t the you are not really out anything other than a couple of hundred dollars and a little time. Think however of the potential gain of having a couple of hundred shared of something and only being out fifty or sixty dollar if that stock starts to rise quickly. Some of the biggest winners in the history of the stock market are the ones who have had minor stock investments that started to grow unexpectedly. This case of being in the right place at the right time is exactly what you are hoping for with penny stocks. While there are those out there who claim that you are just wasting your time and money with penny stocks the truth is that you may or may not make money with penny stocks so make sure that you are not using them as your primary stock investments. But they can be profitable, can be stable and most certainly can be fun to work with. Penny stocks as stock investments can most definitely bring the joy, excitement and adventure back to investing.

Adventure Travel in Nepal

With its majestic Himalayan Mountains and fascinating local culture, Nepal is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers. Each year thousands embark upon the experience of a lifetime to spend days or weeks in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Nepal.

Most adventure travelers in Nepal will be treated to magnificent views from high in the mountains. They will wander through pure forests and past clear mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls. They’ll visit remote Buddhist monasteries and shrines and see tiny mountain villages, full of friendly locals.

Trekking expeditions in Nepal are quite popular. They typically involve a small group of people who have been given a list of equipment, such as hiking boots, to bring with them to Nepal. Once they arrive in the country they set off together to explore. There is usually a trekking staff that comes along on the trip and carries most of the camping equipment and even the travelers’ bags. They set up the camp, cook meals and break camp, leaving the traveler to enjoy the trek without the physical hardship of toting heavy packs.

Treks are available for people with various abilities. While a person should be in good shape for these treks, one does not need to be a tri-athlete to take part. There are more strenuous treks for those in great physical condition, as well as easier treks. Many of the easier treks are appropriate for families and allow children to participate. Some companies rate the treks they offer by level of difficulty, to help travelers judge which trek would be best for them.

While trekking is one of the most popular forms of adventure travel in Nepal, it is by no means the only one. There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful and mysterious Nepal.

– The Himalayas make Nepal a favorite destination for mountain climbers. There are well over 100 peaks open to mountain climbers in Nepal, including the famed Mount Everest.

– The mountains of Nepal also have trails for mountain bikers of varying skills.

– Nepal offers challenging climbing cliffs for avid rock climbers.

– While rafting and kayaking in Nepal, adventurers can float along picturesque mountain rivers enjoying tranquil views, far from the well-traveled paths.

– Finally, adventure travelers in Nepal can choose to experience a jungle safari from a jeep or the back of an elephant. Nepal’s wildlife reserves and conservation areas boast a variety of unique animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros.