Discover the Health Benefits of Surf Camps For Kids

Many people seem to be considering surfing summer camps in addition to, or as alternative for, traditional summer camps. And why not? Surfing (or surf) camps offer all the important benefits traditional camps offer, such as the opportunity to make new friends and increase self-confidence and esteem, but surf camps offer something more: incredible health benefits for kids.

Not only is surfing a total blast and easily learned with a qualified instructor, but when kids go to surf camp, they get a total body workout from cardiovascular exercise to arm and leg strength to increasing their balance.

When kids paddle out on their surfboards toward the ocean to catch a wave, this is where they are developing upper body strength (including their arms and shoulders) plus getting a cardiovascular workout. Then, when they are doing the actual surfing, they are using their leg muscles and developing important balance skills.

There are several sites on the internet to find a surf camp. You can do a general search for “kids surf camps” on Google, or you can visit a site-specific search engine where you’ll find many available surf camps for kids and teens everywhere in the United States and abroad. (You might type “surf camp directory” into Google and see what comes up.)

It doesn’t matter if your child is a beginning surfer or experienced and learning to pick up tips from a pro, there’s a safe and fun surf camp out there for you…and the amazing healthy benefits can’t be denied.