Tips To Follow When Taking Long Distance Trips

Going on a long distance driving trip can be a lot of fun, and result in many memories that could never be made any other way. If you have only a very limited amount of time for your vacation, it might be better to take a plane to your destination, rather than drive, as driving does take up a lot of time. However, if you have plenty of time, driving across the country can result in experiences you may otherwise never get the chance to do. The great thing about driving to your vacation spot and back, is that you will pass by many places that you can stop and experience on the way. Road trips are the best way to see many areas of the country, such as the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore.

If you have decided to take a long distance road trip, there are a few things that you can do to prepare that will make your trip more enjoyable and affordable. The first thing you want to do is make sure your car is in tip top shape and can handle the trip. Have the tires rotated and balanced, get the oil changed, make sure to carry extra oil and wiper fluid, just in case. Check to make sure you have a spare tire, a jack, and all the tools necessary to change a tire if it should happen to be necessary. The last thing you want to do is get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and not be able to change it. Finally, make sure you have your registration, proof of car insurance, driver’s license, and Triple A card if applicable. In case you get pulled over or have an accident, you want to be sure and have the necessary documentation to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you are traveling with small children, you need to be aware that they will most likely not enjoy the scenery for hours and hours as you might. They will need some entertainment between stops. If you do not have a built in DVD player, it might be a good idea to borrow or buy a portable DVD player for each child. You can also buy travel games, if you are travelling with more than one child. Don’t forget to pack a lot of snacks. Your kids will get hungry, and hungry generally means irritable. Irritable is not an emotion you want on a long distance road trip with you.

There are two ways to approach a road trip. You can either plan everything out in a very organized schedule, or you can head out with no plan at all. The advantage to planning everything out is that you always know where you need to be when, and you are sure to do everything you had wanted to. The advantage of not having a plan is that you may end up doing things you really enjoy that you would have never planned on. It can also feel much more like an adventure if you head out without a plan. Just be prepared to spend a night in the car if you can’t find a hotel with a vacancy! Road tripping is one of the best ways to spend a vacation, and every one should do it at least once in their life.

Train Travel Italy – A Great Way to Get Around

If you are planning a trip to Italy, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, you should consider taking a train. Train in travel Italy is fast, economical, clean, and efficient, allowing you to see the countryside while getting from one location to another. Most Trains take you directly from city center to city center delivering you close to the sites as well as lodging and dining spots. You won’t need to fight local traffic (a really horrible experience for most) or waist time at airports.

A great side benefit is meeting the locals. Italians are a warm, expressive people and they love to their towns, regions, and country very much. You will get great tips on places to eat and sites to see on your trip. You can even practice up on your Italian. If you would rather, just sit back and enjoy the Italian countryside while you travel between your vacation sites.

Train travel is very easy if you know just a few important things:

• Plan your vacation and determine whether you need individual tickets or one of the various flex-passes available for Italy train travel. Once you know what your best value is you can purchase your tickets from the ticket window, the ticket kiosk, online at Trenitalia, or through your travel agent (where there will be a handling charge)

• Before you board your train, validate your ticket. Un-validated tickets can lead to stiff penalties. Validation is fast and easy. Look for the yellow box at the track and place the end of your ticket into the slot provided. Your ticket will be stamped with the time and date, presto, your ticket is validated, board your train and relax

• Trains are widely used in Italy and can get crowded during commute time. Travel off peak where possible and when possible reserve your seat

• As with anywhere in the world, watch your wallet and baggage. There is no need to be paranoid, just be conscious of your surroundings. We use money belts for our passports, credit cards, and cash reserves. To make travel easier we all travel with one bag and a carry on

Most stations are located in the center of town with lodgings close by. There are also baggage lockers in larger stations and baggage checks in all to make day tripping or finding a hotel easier. You can safely leave your bag at the station and wander until you are ready to go to your hotel.

When planning whether to use the train or a rental (or leased) car decide what your travel goals are. Trains are great for hitting towns but will force you to take tours to reach the events in the smaller communities and countryside. On the train you will not worry about parking costs or fighting traffic, but you will be on someone else’s schedule and routes. A train will cost more for families (each having to buy a ticket versus all sharing in the cost of the car). You really need to match your travel needs with the style of travel you prefer.

So whether you are a seasoned traveler, or on your first adventure to Italy, trains are a great way to get around. As stated above, trains are economical (about $55 from Rome to Venice), fast (4h30m to travel the 330 miles), relaxing and fun.


Best Kayak Fishing Tips – Angling in Stealth

There are a few kayak fishing tips that you are going to have to practice to ensure that you have both a safe day, as well as a fun and successful day out on the water. Kayak fishing is quickly growing in popularity, and more and more questions come up about how to properly rig a kayak, or what gear to take with them, but the best kayak fishing tip that anyone can give you, is to remain safe, and to keep a safety conscious mindset about you at all times. Making it home at the end of the day is what makes a fishing trip successful.

The best, and most important tip that any angler can offer up for you, is to wear your life vest. You can’t just go and purchase any off the shelf life vest either; you must make sure that the device will hold you face up in the water in the event that you become unconscious, until you either wake up, or someone comes to your rescue. Accidents can happen anywhere when you are on the water, even in water only a few inches deep, so ensuring that you have the proper safety vest, as well as wearing it, is going to make sure that you make it home at the end of the day.

Once you have gotten over the fact that you have to wear your life vest at all times, you are going to want to begin thinking about the rigging of your kayak. For rigging, the best tip that I can give you, is to make sure everything is strapped down well. You do not want to be over deep water, and have the boat tip over without your gear being strapped down. Anything that is loose must have a leash on it, or you will be replacing it in the event that you dump your kayak.

Lastly, if you are fishing in open water, you are going to want to make sure you are completely visible from every angle. Using a 3 foot long piece of PVC pole with a metallic orange flag, as well as some silver metallic paint around the pipe will give you the best chances at being seen from a good distance. Getting the glare from the metallic tape and flag when it hits the sun will get the attention of boaters and jet skiers in your area, alerting them of your presence. This means that they have a much longer time to react to where you are located.