Best Kayak Fishing Tips – Angling in Stealth

There are a few kayak fishing tips that you are going to have to practice to ensure that you have both a safe day, as well as a fun and successful day out on the water. Kayak fishing is quickly growing in popularity, and more and more questions come up about how to properly rig a kayak, or what gear to take with them, but the best kayak fishing tip that anyone can give you, is to remain safe, and to keep a safety conscious mindset about you at all times. Making it home at the end of the day is what makes a fishing trip successful.

The best, and most important tip that any angler can offer up for you, is to wear your life vest. You can’t just go and purchase any off the shelf life vest either; you must make sure that the device will hold you face up in the water in the event that you become unconscious, until you either wake up, or someone comes to your rescue. Accidents can happen anywhere when you are on the water, even in water only a few inches deep, so ensuring that you have the proper safety vest, as well as wearing it, is going to make sure that you make it home at the end of the day.

Once you have gotten over the fact that you have to wear your life vest at all times, you are going to want to begin thinking about the rigging of your kayak. For rigging, the best tip that I can give you, is to make sure everything is strapped down well. You do not want to be over deep water, and have the boat tip over without your gear being strapped down. Anything that is loose must have a leash on it, or you will be replacing it in the event that you dump your kayak.

Lastly, if you are fishing in open water, you are going to want to make sure you are completely visible from every angle. Using a 3 foot long piece of PVC pole with a metallic orange flag, as well as some silver metallic paint around the pipe will give you the best chances at being seen from a good distance. Getting the glare from the metallic tape and flag when it hits the sun will get the attention of boaters and jet skiers in your area, alerting them of your presence. This means that they have a much longer time to react to where you are located.